I am a cyclist and a driver. I appreciate drivers and cyclists that understand the "Rules of the Road" found in the Drivers Handbook provided by the state of Utah. It allows for a safe and courteous environment on the roadways. There are unfortunately many drivers and cyclists alike that do not understand the law. The opinion written a few days ago by Sarah Collins illustrates my point ("Bikes vs cars," May 27).

Collins makes many incorrect assumptions, such as thinking the white line has anything to do with bicycles, without ever having actually read the law. The law states that "Drivers of motor vehicles must treat bicycle riders the same as drivers of other vehicles." Utah law also states that a car must give a "minimum of 3 feet" when passing a cyclist and or wait until you can do so safely. But don't take my word for it, you can read it yourself. I would hope cyclists and drivers alike would take five minutes to read the law.

Travis Engar