Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Republican Party

In a recent interview, Robert Dole, former Republican Senate majority leader and presidential candidate, stated that not even Ronald Reagan could be successful in today's Republican Party. Dole said that the Republican National Committee should put a sign on their door which reads, "Closed for repairs."

The Republican Party in Utah should follow the same advice. It is clear from the recent state convention that the party is run by power-obsessed bosses who thrive under the abominable caucus system, which should be replaced by a direct primary system. All arguments in favor of the caucus boil down to one absurd premise: "Utahns are too stupid to know how to vote."

Proponents of the caucus say, "Oh, if you don't like what is happening, you should get more involved." We will get involved but we will not play the silly caucus game. We will vote a straight ticket for the Democrats. The state of Utah is no longer well-served by the Republican Party. It is a shame that so many highly qualified citizens do not get into office for the sole reason that their name is in the column labeled "Democrat."

Curt Call