We're sending the world a new teenage driver soon. Over the past few months, I've been able to view the world from the passenger seat and have seen things from a different perspective.

I have felt respect for you, who sit patiently behind, without honking while she restarts the manual transmission at a stoplight. Bless you, who nod and wave knowingly with your whole hand when she mistakenly turns too wide, cuts you off or forgets to signal. Thanks to you who drive without distractions so that she sees in you a good example and her driving is not made more difficult. I appreciate those of you who give her plenty of room to make a mistake by following at a safe distance.

Thank you for remembering what it was like when you learned to drive — the newness and the complexity of it, which becomes second nature to us over time and which we often take for granted but is such a privilege. We never know what a person's circumstances are and behind the wheel is not the place to be inept, but we all have to learn somewhere and learning is more effective with kindness and encouragement.

Holly Thorson