Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Glen Allgood, a Pearl Harbor survivor, listens to the Star Spangled Banner during a ceremony honoring Pearl Harbor survivors at the George Whalen Veterans Home in Ogden on Friday, Dec. 7, 2012.

Since all the political talk these days is about Obama administration scandals, I think it might be worth pointing out how little actual harm most of these so-called "scandals" have caused. Benghazi talking points? People who watch Sunday political shows were possibly slightly less informed for a few days than they otherwise would have been. IRS targeting conservative groups? None were denied 501(c)(4) status; a few groups had to fill out a slightly longer questionnaire. No harm, no foul — these aren't real scandals.

If you want a genuine scandal, look at the VA and delays of months, even years, processing veterans disability claims. Real harm done to genuine American heroes — that's an actual scandal. Let's talk about that, and how to fix it. Not these silly political squabbles, in which no one was actually hurt.

Eric Samuelsen