An education coalition criticized Utah and Gov. Gary Herbert's efforts to wrest control of some federal lands and public rights of way within the state of Utah, proclaiming the effort "misguided" and "arrogant," further stating it will result in "marred" and "scarred" landscapes for years to come and will "harm the education of our children" ("Education coalition attacks Utah's efforts to get federal lands," May 22). This type of emotional and hysterical rhetoric smacks of something you would expect from organizations like SUWA and the Sierra Club. To realize this coalition is made up of people who are educating our children is truly frightening.

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If this coalition thinks the feds can better manage our public lands than Utah, read an article published the next day ("Questions swirl around spending cuts to national parks, lax controls in travel spending," May 24). This article states that the Interior Department spends $250 million a year on travel in a "lax" system that allows department employees to approve their own trips and expenses. Department supervisors are not properly overseeing travel documents that are filled with errors and improper charges that should never have been allowed. How much more waste and fraud goes on by the Interior Department that we know nothing about?

Milton Dalley