Recently I observed crossing guards moving into the street when the light turns green without looking in both directions of oncoming traffic. As a result, children followed the crossing guard immediately, thinking the cars will automatically stop. A sign will not stop a vehicle. Guilty drivers are not hurt except for feelings. We need to set the example to children.

1. Always wait until the stoplight turns green and all vehicles are at a stop before stepping off the walk. A rolling car or truck may cause unfortunate problems. Brakes can fail, drivers may be distracted or a slipped foot on the accelerator can cause a vehicle to jump unexpectedly.

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2. Turning traffic must be observed. Do not expect cars to stop. Be ready to run if the cars start to move after stopping.

3. School bus drivers should be aware if approaching vehicles are stopped before allowing passengers to cross in front of the bus.

4. Take a walk with your children and grandchildren. Show them that driveways and streets must be watched. Cars may move unexpectedly.

Parents, teachers, drivers, let us all be examples and teach safety first. Be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Leslie Shell