Jack Dagley Photography / Shutterstock.com

There may have been a time when bicycles and cars could share the road equally or even a time when bicyclists were the most powerful ones on the street. But we live in a time where cars are the main mode of transportation and bicycles have their own designated area that is wide enough for cyclists to safely ride single file — some streets even allow cyclists to ride on the road. But for most cyclists that is not enough.

From my experiences driving on Saturday mornings, a popular day for riding one's bicycle, cyclists seem to feel the need to be king of the road. They prefer the edge closest to the white line or even right on top of the white line. This causes drivers to swerve around them, disrupting and slowing traffic. This becomes more of a problem when they choose to ride two abreast or even three across. Drivers know their place; if cyclists could learn theirs, a morning drive would be much less irritating.

Sarah Collins

South Jordan