Saturday's letter was typical of the misinformation out there about efforts to remove Obamacare ("The real death panels," May 18). As a fellow senior, I can clearly see that our Medicare needs reworking. Just as Obamacare is clearly unsustainable without unreasonable taxation, Medicare needs adjustment to continue to help our nation's seniors. Fixing a problem with Medicare is much different than having our government handling our medical needs and deciding if a medical procedure is needed. My experience has been that Medicare allows the doctors to make the decisions.

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The Congress did not vote to "end Medicare," nor did they "vote for my death." That statement is untrue and causes fear. These are people with the good of the country at heart, having families themselves who will be or are on Medicare. They want a solution where Medicare will continue responsibly. In addition, it's becoming more obvious that Obamacare will cause a lot of problems, be extremely more expensive than ever dreamed (Medicare rates have already climbed) and will ruin some individuals' currently working insurance plans. I just wish enough of our senators had the foresight and strength to also vote to end this program before it starts causing more chaos.

Kathy Boyer