Laura Seitz, Deseret News
Should Utah abandon the caucus-convention system and go straight to a direct primary?

According to the majority of state Republican party convention delegates, I'm an outsider. I have attended every party caucus in my neighborhood for the past 30 years, have been a delegate to the county convention, a caucus chair for multiple terms and am a true conservative, but still an outsider. Why? Because the caucus meeting format is a pep rally rather than a real discussion of issues and candidates. As a result, I have meager opportunity to be represented at the state convention.

By the time the voting in caucus meetings is done, no one in the room knows what our elected delegate believes regarding immigration, the economy, court activism, federalism, tax structure, etc. We may be lucky enough to know how our delegate feels about Obamacare, but that's about it. Show me the petition to restore the democratic adjective to our republic and I'm signing on the line.

As one of our elite leaders on the inside said, "If we raise this threshold, we weaken the process." That was an accurate statement in Joe Stalin's day and it's still true today. Opening the process to the people is danged inefficient.

Kerry V. Soelberg

West Jordan