Ross D. Franklin, AP
The alternative is expansion of Environmental Protection Agency regulations on greenhouse gas emissions from power plants.

A misleading article features a report from the U.S. Energy Information Association on carbon dioxide emissions ("Analysis shows where Utah stands with greenhouse gas emissions," May 14). By reporting their senseless attempts at "measuring" (guessing) such information and then falsely reporting it as "greenhouse gas emissions" is unconscionable news reporting. It is false because air is our precious greenhouse gas that protects all life, as an insulating blanket, from freezing or burning as we change from day to night.

What a cruel hoax is perpetuated. We see and hear who says so, but who has demonstrated and proved that carbon dioxide is bad, or worse than oxygen? When and where were such scientific tests published? Blaming changes in climate on carbon dioxide is a bait-and-switch game. Perhaps we all should quit breathing and emitting carbon dioxide.

Byron Gibbs

Salt Lake City