Susan Walsh, Associated Press
This March 22, 2013 file photo shows the exterior of the Internal Revenue Service building in Washington.

What more evidence do we need to replace the income tax with an uncomplicated, straightforward national sales tax on manufactured goods (not food and utilities) than what we've learned about the heavy-handed tactics of the IRS this past week? Advantages of a national tax means that those who spend more (and can afford it) will pay more taxes.

No longer will there be bitter disputes between the so-called one percent and the rest of us. Other than acting as a collection agency for sales taxes, the IRS can be dismantled. No need to have tax preparation done by CPAs, albeit corporations will still need to file and pay sales taxes collected. No one will be left without paying taxes; you buy a car, you pay taxes. What are we waiting for?

Frank Overfelt

Cottonwood Heights