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Scott G Winterton, Deseret News archives
Delegates cast their votes during the 2011 Republican State Convention Saturday, June 18, 2011 at South Towne Exposition Center.

It was upsetting to see so many of my fellow delegates at the Republican convention vote to keep the status quo. The caucus system is not representative of the voters, and the delegates, endowed with so much power, have no incentive to change and dilute their voting power. It was dismaying to look around the room and realize that these votes were being cast by those who don't well represent the average voter, and probably not even the average Republican voter.

The vast majority of the delegates were male and many of the delegates were over the age of 65, in a state where only 9.2 percent of the population is in that age category. It's frustrating few of the delegates are young enough to still have school-age children and yet they alone have the power to vote on educational issues in the party platform. While I respect those delegates who do take their duties seriously to study the candidates and issues, they can't adequately represent the people of the state or party well.

Tara McKee

East Millcreek