Students working hard in school.

A disturbing aspect of the advent of Common Core that I have not seen yet in the media is the way it was implemented. A short time ago I got an audience with the assistant superintendent for curriculum in our district. The first question I asked was when Common Core had been approved in the state. She stated it was three years ago. I stated my puzzlement that I had not seen any publicity or notice of hearings. She stated that such was not necessary, that it had been evaluated and approved by the teachers and administrative professionals. I asked why the parents had not been a part of the approval process. She responded that the education professionals were the ones qualified to make that decision.

The significance of that response, to me, was incredible. To the extent the above attitude prevails in our educators is the extent we have some serious problems in our schools. While it is true parents are not actively involved as they should, no one cares more about our kids' education than their parents.

Clair Williams