Theresa Martinez /

Why can't people learn from history and realize it is not the role of government to "provide" for the poor? When the government confiscates from taxpayers, which is mandatory, to give to the less fortunate, everyone loses. There is no volunteer charitable element in this. It's a "Robin Hood" approach... rob the haves to give to the have-nots.

We know anything done through the government has a huge amount of waste. The people receiving the assistance begin to look at it as an entitlement and don't really appreciate it. It makes them dependent and resentful. Welfare assistance should only be done through the private sector with "voluntary" donations from those who want to help. We did this for almost 200 years in our country and it worked fine. And it creates a win/win situation because those who give feel the reward of generosity and the receivers feel more appreciation because they know it's a voluntary sacrifice to help them.

There is no good that comes from government welfare programs. We can look around and see what an abysmal failure the notion has been in recent decades. It's time to turn things back to the private sector where this giving properly belongs.

Jim Green

Heber City