Associated Press
An undated image shows the main gate of the Nazi concentration camp Auschwitz in Poland.

Nazi Germany ended in military defeat in 1945. The Soviet Union ended in political collapse in 1991. Both nations used concentration camps that resulted in the deaths of millions. Few camps in the USSR were designed to be actual death camps, but the same millions died from 1918 to about 1960. They were victims of cold, hunger, disease and also bullets. Both camp systems required staffing in the tens of thousands.

In Germany you can still get arrested at age 93 in this year of 2013. In the 15 independent nations of the former USSR, the former concentration camp staff have no fear of police knocking on the door. In fact, many are getting government pensions in this year of 2013.

Germany's crimes were probably greater. But Russia and the other 14 nations are mute. Interesting double standard.

William Gronberg