Jeffrey D. Allred, Deseret News
John Swallow

It's not often I agree with columnist Richard Davis, but I concur with the BYU professor regarding the need for Utah Attorney General John Swallow to be the subject of a special investigation or even impeached ("Cloud over Swallow needs to be resolved soon," May 15). There is enough smoke swirling around the embattled official to reasonably believe there is also some fire that might render him unfit for office.

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However, I'm waiting for Davis to come forward with a similar demand for action concerning President Barack Obama or at least his chief lieutenants like Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton. It is now quite clear that the Obama administration has brazenly lied to the American people about a host of serious issues. Let's start with these: the ATF's bungled "Fast and Furious" operation, the false Benghazi cover story about an anti-Islamic video, and the corruption and cronyism behind the funding of "green job" companies like Solyndra. If Davis is so rightly concerned with the integrity of high office holders, should he not also be outraged by the acts of our national leaders even if they happen to share his political beliefs?

Steve Fillerup