Susan Walsh, File, Associated Press
President Barack Obama

During the 2012 election campaign for the U.S. presidency, David Axelrod, Harry Reid and others in the team directing the Obama campaign developed a strategy of political expedience. The goal was to damage the public image of Mitt Romney, his record and capability and prejudicially misrepresent the performance of the Obama administration in domestic and international affairs. Lying, distortion of facts, creation of unrealities, accusations about people and events known to be inaccurate, preferential pandering and other procedures of marginal ethical standard, integrity and honesty were endorsed and widely employed throughout the campaign.

The irrevocable law of consequences has come home to roost. The Departments of State, Defense and Justice and the Internal Revenue Service in the Obama administration are now embroiled in scandals created by inappropriate actions, misrepresentation, discriminatory procedures and cover up with political purpose. Successful government must honestly recognize the consequences of the environment its policies and practices creates and influences the values of its citizenry.

George Gee Jackson

Salt Lake City