From 1981 to 2013 NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies has been headed by Dr. James E. Hansen. Long time alarmist of catastrophic consequences arising from "global warming" and early mentor to Al Gore, Hansen has little in common with those contemptuously referred to as "persuaded by oil industry-funded distortions of science" by Alyssa Gill ("Global warming action," May 13). Yet Hansen clearly stated in January 2013 that "temperatures have been flat for the last decade."

Another major alarmist, the United Kingdom's Meteorological Office, says "the temperature standstill has lasted 15 years and may last 20." That CO2 has recently been measured as 400ppm without related temperature increase indicates weakness in computer models, which have previously been tweaked multiple times in efforts to agree with reality. If you think CO2 is a toxin, check out E.R. treatment for hyperventilation: breathing with head in paper bag to increase CO2 concentration!

Fred L. Greer, M.D.