Most of us know how to boil a frog, don't we? The best method is to start with room temperature water and raise the temperature just one degree at a time. Otherwise, the frog jumps right out and escapes, scalded, but lives to see another day.

Common Core is a metaphor for boiling frogs. It is the federalized, one-size-fits-all education curriculum hatched by lots of stakeholders, none of whom are actually currently serving in the U.S. Congress. Some focused study of Common Core reveals how the plan ignores the uniqueness of each student. It strips away local control of education from parents, school boards, principals and teachers. It puts each child in a national database in which biometric and psychometric data are stored with personal identifiers preserved, but without privacy of the information assured. It lowers math standards by two years compared to our current system in Utah. It will eliminate 70 percent of classic reading, substituting technical reading in its place. It will shackle our inspiring, creative teachers by telling them how, when and what to teach.

Utahns would be well served by investigating this curriculum before they discover that they are the frogs being boiled one degree at a time.

Scott M. Soulier

South Jordan