PAGE, Ariz. — More than 150 invasive mussels have been found at two marinas at Lake Powell over the past month.

Officials with the National Park Service say the individual adult quagga mussels found at the Wahweap and Antelope Point marinas weren't close enough to reproduce.

The mussels are being physically removed from the lake, which straddles the Arizona-Utah border.

The mussels have multiplied quickly in other waterways across the West, clogging pipes and intakes, and depleting food sources used by aquatic creatures.

Glen Canyon Ecologist Mark Anderson says it's likely the mussels were introduced via ballast or bilge water from boats that were not cleaned, drained or dried.

Officials say boats, docks and cables in the Wahweap Bay and Antelope Point areas will continue to be assessed by the park service and dive teams.

NPS Superintendent Todd Brindle remains hopeful the results are not evidence of an established population of mussels.

"With this early detection, the mussels are being physically removed from the lake, decreasing the potential for them to reproduce," Brindle said.