Scott G. Winterton, Scott G. Winterton, Deseret News
Residents attend the GOP Caucus meetings at Lone Peak High School in Highland. Thousands turned out at their Republican Party neighborhood caucus meetings around Utah, Thursday, March 15, 2012.

Jim Hansen is a good man who has served honorably in his former elected positions, but his opinion on "Let's get rid of the caucus system" is ill-conceived (May 2). I lived in the open primary state of California for 40 years and witnessed firsthand how it helped to destroy the state and many of its industries. When "anyone who so desires" is allowed to run for office or vote, regardless of whether they have actually studied the issues and are able to make intelligent choices, we get politicians who are there for the sole purpose of getting re-elected and policies that are designed to serve that purpose.

When we moved to Utah I then saw how wise the caucus system is. Those of us who attend the caucuses have studied the issues and the candidates, and although the system is imperfect, the result has been much better than what we have seen in California — a state that continues to destroy industry, lose a valuable skilled workforce, and wallow in debt and unemployment as its cities file for bankruptcy. An open primary in Utah would be a huge mistake.

Kent Sellars