I watched a weed control guy once, dressed in protective gear including a respirator. He waved at the nearby children watching him in awe. He looked like an action figure and I understood the allure. The applicator did nothing to warn the kids and continued spraying the dandelion-burdened lawn, surrounding himself in a chemical mist. Soon after, an older woman hustled the kids indoors. I've played on golf courses with multiple "just sprayed" postings. They provide ball-washers and advise us not to put tees in our mouths. Yet we sit on sports fields and watch kids playing and handling balls and give them treats at halftime. I can honestly say I've never seen a "just sprayed" posting on any sports field.

Pesticides are poison, designed to kill. If our regulators are in bed with the industry, who's watching out for the kids? I hope heads are rolling at the Utah Department of Agriculture and Food. This is a flaw that needs immediate repair.

Cory Jensen

Salt Lake City