Recently Sen. Mike Lee and Sen. Orrin Hatch voted against the "Violence Against Women Act." Sen. Lee, Sen. Hatch and Rep. Jim Matheson all support transportation of the dirtiest, most toxic oil in the world be allowed to flow through a pipeline (Keystone XL) across a most pristine mid-section of our country.

The pipeline is owned by Canada, and the Port Arthur Refinery in Texas is owned by Royal Dutch Shell and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's Aramco Company. Initially the construction will produce at most 6,500 "temporary" jobs, and only hundreds of permanent jobs. Producing synthetic crude oil from tar sands will generate three times the global warming pollution of conventional crude production. The process itself uses vast amounts of energy and water, and the Port Arthur Refinery sits on 4,600 acres of Gulf Coast marshland in Texas.

Doesn't anybody care that Utah's congressmen are selling out to Saudi Arabia, refusing to protect women from abuse and supporting the destruction of our environment while resisting the economic advantages of clean, renewable energy?

John and Barb Dombek

Santa Clara