Whatever happened to the days when we didn't have to worry about sustaining life-threatening injuries when participating in a sport? As a senior at Bingham High School, I find it shocking that anybody would get so upset about a trivial call in a game and as a result take the life of another human being. I fully realize that this young man's intent was not to kill this official, but do our frustrations really have to come to blows? We should still be able to peaceably talk out our differences, or at least be able to walk away from these frustrating situations. Nobody likes to get hurt or see other people in pain.

May I suggest that we all just try a little harder to have a little more self-control and patience? Show a little more sportsmanship and let's get back to playing a game to have a good time. When we get back to being good sports and having more respect for each other, we'll stop seeing all these injuries that are being caused out of frustration toward other players and officials.

Justin Frank Olsen

South Jordan