Brian Nicholson, Deseret News
A small aircraft prepares to land at the Ogden Hinckley Airport on Monday, September 17, 2012.

WASHINGTON — The Transportation Departments says 149 control towers at small airports that were slated for closure will remain — open at least through Sept. 30.

The department sent out a brief statement Friday. It says Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has determined there is enough extra money, under a bill passed by Congress last month, to keep the towers open through the end of the budget year.

The towers are operated by contractors for the Federal Aviation Administration at low-traffic airports.

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They were scheduled to close June 15 as part of the FAA's plan to accommodate automatic spending cuts required by Congress.

According to a news release from Rep. Rob Bishop's office, the Ogden-Hinckley tower is included in the decision, and it will remain open.

"This was the final confirmation we have been fighting and waiting for and I am pleased that the administration made the right decision," Bishop said. "Ensuring the safety of air spaces in and around critical air defense installations like Hill AFB ought to be a key priority."