I recently learned that the University of Utah Community Clinic at Stansbury Park no longer accepts Tricare, the health care program of the military. Or maybe they don't accept it, maybe they do. Their staff doesn't know for sure. When my wife and I respectively called to make individual appointments with our preferred care giver we were told very rudely to find another health care provider. During a recent visit, I received conflicting answers on their status with Tricare from various staff members. A fairly large percentage of their patients use Tricare.

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If they no longer accept Tricare all of these patients must find new providers. I recently wrote an email to the board of directors at University of Utah Health Care requesting clarification on this issue and chiding them on failing to support the military. To date I have received no answer from the University of Utah Health Care.

I cannot understand how the University of Utah can pay lip service to supporting our military and then in the same moment deny health care to soldiers, sailors, airmen, marines, active and retired and their families. I guess this is another case where the almighty dollar trumps patriotism. Shame on U of U.

David Jay Crispin

Stansbury Park