In the wake of expanding allegations of misconduct and impropriety in West Valley City's Neighborhood Narcotics Unit, Mayor Winder declared himself "shocked, disappointed and frustrated."Mayor Winder's shock is likely a surprise to the citizens of WVC, many of whom have pleaded for years for the mayor to take action. Now Winder proposes a five-step plan that is about as reality-based as the pseudonym Richard Burwash.Winder should have stepped up long ago to show responsibility and leadership.

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Besides failing to provide substantive and ethical leadership, Winder's proposed five-step plan is glaringly inadequate. His proposal is focused largely on just one narcotics unit, when the problems are much wider. His plan fails to address the still unsolved disappearance of Susan Cox Powell and the shooting death of Danielle Willard — issues which continue to plague our city's reputation and may drag WVC into legal disputes.

With all due respect, Mayor Winder's plan is too little, too late.Mayor Winder has not, and is not, providing the leadership West Valley City expects and deserves. It's time for a change.

Margaret K. Peterson, former WVC councilwoman

West Valley City