Associated Press
Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch spent $5 million on caucus turnout this year, which helped more mainstream candidates.

I've always had the highest respect for Jim Hansen and can't recall ever disagreeing with his legislative record. However, I completely disagree with his recent op-ed and call to eliminate the caucus system ("Let's get rid of the caucus system," May 2).

This system puts the political choice in the hands of a population who are both motivated and educated about the issues and candidates. Those who are too lazy to come to a meeting for a few hours every two years are probably also illiterate to issues and candidates and will be most affected by big money advertising — making the process a contest based on money and outside interests. The caucus is closer to what was once part of every community: town hall meetings and voters involved in the process.

The same forces wanted both Bob Bennett and Orrin Hatch out. Yet Orrin Hatch attended meeting after meeting to answer questions and defend his votes and was able to win. He went to the people, while Bob Bennett sent his son and other surrogates to many of the meetings and put himself above it all and lost. The caucus system works and eliminates those who ignore the people. It is the best system for a true democratic republic.

Jared F. Brown