We need our congressmen to vote against state sales tax on Internet purchases. Adding sales tax to Internet purchases is unfair to rural residents. Supporters of the sales tax say it's needed to level the playing field. In fact, it is discriminatory to rural residents and those not living close to big box or market stores.

Rural purchases from the Internet save time, gas and vehicle wear and reduce pollution. The savings in sales tax does not offset shipping and handling costs of most Internet purchases— adding a greater burden to rural residents. It is unknown how the sales tax would be distributed, but most likely would not end up in the rural community where the purchaser lives. Sales taxes benefit mostly larger communities where big box stores are located. If Internet sales tax is required to be collected it should be returned to the town where the sale originated as shown by the purchaser's zip code. That would level the playing field and small communities would rightly receive a share of the sales tax their residents paid.

Donald C. Cole