Immigration would not be a problem if our leaders would first correct the problems with our economic and social systems to remove the roadblocks that deny people of the rights and freedoms to pursue the good life as promised in the Constitution. The worker's plight in today's economic system has changed only a tiny bit in the last thousands of years. While working conditions have been improved in terms of safety and humane reasons, today's workers are only voluntary slaves to their employers as opposed to being involuntary slaves.

Depending on the Free Market theory, the workers had achieved a balance of sorts in the competition for wealth and the good life. But that balance is out of balance now, because of technology, automation and by flooding the labor market with cheap foreign labor. Only by restoring the balance will our civilization survive. So immigration reform will do nothing to help America unless we first fix the economic system. Solving the economic system problems will allow us to throw open the doors because more people would mean more prosperity for all.

Robert Neale

Salt Lake City