Amnesty, or legalization of residency status of persons in this country illegally, is fundamentally wrong. Legalization is not a complement to enforcement. It is the opposite of enforcement. It mocks and undermines the rule of law. It signifies the law never meant anything to begin with, doesn't mean anything now and will not mean anything in the future.

The only true compassion is equality at the law and earnest, interior enforcement. It is the only way to show compassion to all. If "compassion" is extended to one group in the form of rewarding illegal, dishonest behavior, inevitably compassion is denied to other groups in the process.

Years of a lifestyle of illegality, of enjoying residency and various benefits to which they were not entitled, does not translate to a right to residency retroactively. Those here illegally need to return with their families to their home countries and get in line with everyone else. That is the only fair and right way.

Mark Terran

Salt Lake City