Bountiful City is currently building a new City Hall and will donate the old. The city is spending millions of dollars and giving away hundreds of thousands of dollars when the sidewalks in the downtown area are so dangerous as not to be fit for use. The area from 400 North to 500 South and 200 West to 400 East is the "Bountiful Fort Historical District," but it is also an area of the worst sidewalks and roads.

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There are places on Center Street where the sidewalks are so deteriorated that they cease to exist. There are places on 100 East where the sidewalks are so dangerous, it is safer to walk down the middle of the road, but even the roads are in disrepair and falling apart. The city seems to be replacing the roads one small patch at a time as the aging plumbing system forces residents to install new lines to their meters. It is great that the city can be so generous with the taxpayers' money, but it would be nice if the taxpayers could see some safety benefits from their own tax dollars.

Jim Jones