Matthew Mead, AP
In this image taken on July 30, 2012, a taco hot dog is shown in Concord, N.H. (AP Photo/Matthew Mead)

Joseph Gonzalez's column in Sunday's paper lumps everyone together, from those who eat processed meats in excess to those who enjoy an occasional hot dog at a baseball game ("Hiding all the hot dogs will help save our lives," April 21).

It's more Big Brotherism, over which Mayor Bloomberg got slammed in court. Gonzalez touts taxing hot dogs and other processed meats as a way to pay for the resulting health care costs.

One thing that could be right with Obamacare is rewarding healthy lifestyles and limiting the care of those who choose to kill themselves slowly. However, it would be difficult to prove the cause of someone's disease, thus limiting their access to care: I've known people who never touched a cigarette nor worked in a coal mine who died of lung cancer.

This reasoning limits the free market. Rather than educating people about healthy choices, he wants to remove their opportunity for choices, going against the most basic principle this nation was founded upon: individual freedom. As with so many other ideas, his intentions are good, but we have to say "no" to more government intrusion.

Jeff Chappell