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This Monday, April 15, 2013 photo provided by Bob Leonard shows third from left, Tamerlan Tsarnaev, who was dubbed Suspect No. 1 and second from left, Dzhokhar A. Tsarnaev, who was dubbed Suspect No. 2 in the Boston Marathon bombings by law enforcement. This image was taken approximately 10-20 minutes before the blast.

The Boston bombings were not an ordinary criminal act. They were an act of terror/war, no different than if they had been committed against our soldiers/citizens in Afghanistan or Iraq. The fact that they were committed on U.S. soil by naturalized citizens makes no difference. New information has come forward that the bombers were intending to detonate additional bombs. The imminent danger to additional innocent U.S. citizens necessitates that the lone surviving bomber be treated as an enemy combatant so that he may be interrogated regarding his associates and future planned acts of terror.

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Richard Davis stated that those responsible for this despicable act should be brought to justice ("Boston bomb suspect deserves rights under law," April 24). Just how do we intend to accomplish that when Tsarnaev invokes his right to remain silent? This is not about protecting or even violating civil liberties; it is about identifying those present in our nation who wish to wage war against us on our own soil. Also, the police did not violate the law by not advising Tsarnaev of his Miranda Rights at the time of his arrest. They are not required to Mirandize a suspect until they begin an interrogation. President Obama has needlessly endangered countless U.S. citizens by his decision.

Brad Merritt

Woodland Hills