Much has been made by the pro-gun side that a well-armed citizenry is vital to maintaining our democracy. If the Second Amendment is what keeps the government from treading on us, why are most Americans angry at their government? In fact, since the assault weapons ban expired and the NRA hit record sales, Congress's approval rating has plummeted. If guns really had an influence on government, then shouldn't they be in better touch with us than in previous years?

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Would allowing citizens to purchase machine guns, drones and nukes actually improve Congress's approval rating? If the government has become out of touch despite Americans being armed, perhaps we need to come to grips that guns aren't the deterrent to bad government as the NRA makes them out to be. Perhaps we should look at those who influence our government the most. Why not focus on regulating/prohibiting special interest money as a way to keep government in check, rather than guns? If the NRA can influence Congress to reject what 90 percent of us wanted, other big groups might do the same.

Dane Henderson