Local media are reporting on the lack of snowpack in our mountains this year, which provides us with our water for summertime needs. Our local government encourages residents to be conservative and smart in their water usage and habits. We are asked to simply set our watering times to avoid the heat of the day, and water deeply and infrequently. If we all follow those guidelines, our water supply will not be in jeopardy.

As I have strived to do my part, I have noticed that local government and businesses are not following those same guidelines. I have observed sprinklers that frequently run during the middle of the day at parks, city property and local businesses. The sprinklers also tend to water the pavement and roads as well.

This practice has been a huge frustration to me. Do our local businesses and leaders truly care about our water supply, or is it just talk? I ask that government employees, businesses and citizens all join together in our efforts to conserve this precious commodity. We live in a desert and should behave accordingly.

Tiffany Caldwell