The Deseret News article "Federal budget cuts ground Utah squadron and end Blue Angels' season" provided important reporting on this country's fiscal realities (April 10). The cuts to the defense budget over the last four years have been significant, and they are starting to hurt. This year's sequester is only the latest cut.

Unfortunately, the reporters who wrote this article erred in laying the sequester at the feet of "tea partyers and fiscal conservatives." The sequester, and specifically the outsized cuts to the defense budget, as reported by Bob Woodward, were authored by the president, who also mandated the closure of the White House to public tours, the slowdowns at Transportation Security Administration and decreased National Park Service funding. There is no reduction in wasteful Energy Department loans to green companies like Solyndra.

The Obama administration has tried to make the slowing of the growth of spending into political gains by curtailing highly visible services. Only the Defense Department and his proposed Medicare were actual cuts. Inaccurate or slanted reporting by the Deseret News' own reporters does not help with the public's need to know.

Mike Barton