Julie Smith, AP
A young girl passes Willa Mae Phillips, right, and Leta Hatcher, from St. Louis, as they sit on hallway floor just outside the rotunda of the Missouri Capitol Tuesday, April 16, 2013, in Jefferson City, Mo. Gov. Jay Nixon urged activists on Tuesday to implore reluctant Republican lawmakers to expand Medicaid coverage to hundreds of thousands of lower-income adults.

I have a severely mentally and physically challenged son, 56 years of age. For over 54 years he lived at home and was cared for by my wife and me. My wife passed away in 2006. At age 77, I was no longer able to care for him in the home setting and regrettably placed him in a care center. The center is a wonderful place where loving and reputable care is given. His care is being paid by a Social Security benefit and Medicaid. Funding in these facilities is barely adequate to provide patient needs. If our elected officials, who will decide the level of funding for Medicaid recipients, have never visited such a facility, they should do so.

Those who cannot care for themselves should not be left without adequate care. Would any citizen of this state want a loved one to face the uncertainties of a care facility that is financially unable to meet their needs? Please be careful when you consider who receives the Medicaid assistance.

Gary Wilcock