Stephen Flood, AP
NRA supporters chat prior to the “We the People Rally” which was held in support of the Bill of Rights, Sunday, April 14, 2013, outside the Warren County Courthouse in Belvidere, N.J. (AP Photo/The Express-Times, Stephen Flood)

"Bipartisan hope" has little chance as long as one side refuses to hear what the other side has to offer ("Bipartisan hope," Readers' Forum, April 13). Ken Baldridge quotes Sen. Pat Toomey saying background checks are not gun control but "just common sense" and then goes on to falsely state that the "NRA leadership just keeps saying nothing will work without coming up with any positive suggestions."

The truth is that the NRA leadership and others have made a very positive suggestion: Place experienced, armed security officers in schools to protect against harm to our children. Said suggestion is working very well in many places protecting things and individuals we value. Most agree that current proposed legislation would have done nothing to stop the several, recent tragedies, but armed security may have been able to make a difference. Recognition of that is real common sense.

Stuart Curtis

South Jordan