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Misha Japaridze, Associated Press
Flowers, candles and portraits of those who died during terrorist attack on a Moscow theater, lay in front of the theater in Moscow, Russia, Friday, Oct. 26, 2012. Families the 130 people who died in a hostage crisis at a Moscow theater 10 years ago will hold a ceremony outside the venue where Chechen militants held 912 audience members for three days.

Moscow theater siege:

2002: Gassing of theater clouds rescue effort

2002: Chechen leader claims credit for theater takeover

2002: Theater ordeal destroyed a dream

2002: Hostages from theater seeking compensation

2012: Russians mark 10 years since deadly theater siege

Beslan school siege:

2004: Russian school seized

2004: Half of 340 slain are kids

2004: Teen chose to stay with sister in Beslan

2004: Coffins of siege victims fill streets

2004: Russian security officials say 10 of Beslan school raiders identified

2004: Anti-terrorism demonstration draws masses of Russians

2004: Putin vows to strike terrorists; warlord admits school siege

2005: Probe clears handling of Beslan siege

2005: Report blames Russia police

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2006: Chechen gets life in prison for '04 Russia school siege

2009: Russians mark 5 years since Beslan school tragedy

Other violence and Chechnya-related stories:

1999: Chechen insurgents slay 250 Russians

1999: War against Chechnya lifts Russian army image

1999: Russians let civilians flee Chechnya

1999: Yeltsin hails offensive in Chechnya

2000: Russians claim inroads in south Chechnya

2002: Death toll hits 46 in Grozny

2009: Russia: Bomb caused train crash that killed 26

2010: Islamic militants raid Chechen parliament, 6 dead

2012: Russia says it foiled terrorist plot against Sochi