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Is it a mistake to push children into accelerated academics?

I am a psychologist and I know there is a natural growth and maturation curve. The child needs to be developmentally ready to acquire certain skills. It is a mistake to push children into accelerated academics. A child needs to be allowed to be a child.

I agree more with Lindsey Burke's argument against early education funding ("Is federal funding of pre-K a workable idea?" March 24). This is another waste of President Obama's tax money. It is no wonder that those who support investment in pre-K education are early childhood education teachers. This should not be an initiative for job security.

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Research data that show improvement should also be scrutinized for who conducted it, the methodology and the significant differences in the results. Could they indeed predict success in life or the workforce? I do not see the direct relationship as Lary Buzzell states: "knowledge and skills to enter the work force." Buzzell quotes John Dewey, but Dewey also advocated for experiential learning, "learning by doing." Children today need fresh air, nature and outdoor activities rather than more class time.

M. Nagel