I read an article that gives me hope ("Bipartisan deal reached on checks of gun buyers," April 11). Sen. Pat Toomey was quoted as saying background checks are not gun control but "just common sense." And he's a Republican, too!

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Unfortunately, common sense has not been all that common in the recent debates on the subject. He struck another responsive chord by acknowledging that to keep guns out of the wrong hands, checks are "not a cure-all, but they can be helpful." I don't recall anyone saying that any proposed legislation would solve all problems but NRA leadership just keeps saying nothing will work without coming up with any positive suggestions as to what might possibly help attack the problem.

To its credit, however, the NRA was quoted in the same article as saying, "We need a serious and meaningful solution" which indicates a step in the right direction rather than just repeating "won't work, won't work, won't work," to any attempts to help with the situation.

I hope Sen. Toomey won't lose his GOP credentials for this unorthodox proposal to apply plain old common sense.

Ken Baldridge

Pleasant Grove