"Parents and church leaders are often the biggest obstacles in a student's life." This is what Bruce Bastian told a packed crowd on April 4 at Westminster College. I assume he was talking about the moment when a student comes out of the closet and reports they are gay. Nevertheless, his position that parents and church leaders are often a student's biggest obstacles, and that the youth might be better off seeking the aid of activist organizations, strikes me as being more than out of touch — and I hope not representative of the views of Westminster College.

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I am a mother and I love my children unconditionally. Mothers know their child's discouragements, challenges, strengths, joys and sorrows better than anyone. To say that a mother and father are an obstacle in their child's life is to deny the lasting bonds of love and support that come from family relationships.

My husband was an LDS bishop for seven years. He loved our ward members immensely. If someone from his flock came to him with challenges I know he would do all he could to guide with love and understanding.

LeNell Heywood

Heber City