Gene J. Puskar, Associated Press
In August 2012, these are new football helmets that were given to a group of youth football players from the Akron Parents Pee Wee Football League in Akron, Ohio. As a result of player's getting hurt, these helmets, partially sponsored by the NFL were given to thousands nationwide to improve player safety.

Millions of people watch football every year. Many more, including youth, play the game. Player safety is a hot topic in the NFL right now. It very well should be, too. It sets the standard for youth, high school, and college football. The fact that so many are filing lawsuits is alarming but that the NFL is just now addressing this is even more alarming. With all the advancements in technology over the years, this could have been addressed a long time ago.

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Perhaps, had the NFL made changes in equipment and certain rules as the athletes have gotten stronger and faster, this wouldn't be such a hot topic as it is today. The players did assume risks when playing, but trainers and coaches have been massively undereducated on this issue and part of the problem is after an athlete sustained a concussion he was able to go back on the field without passing tests. The NFL should be paying out millions to the players who are complaining — their quality of life is not the same as a result of the proper precautions not taking place.

JJ Melton