While viewing the main pages of several national news websites today, I struggled to find even one encouraging article. Informative publications aside, the majority depicted violence, injustice or the corruption of the world in general. I have noticed that following horrific events such as mass shootings, the media is almost exclusively focused on the event's gruesome violence and the depraved mental state of the perpetrators. It has been argued that this attention is what entices some individuals to commit these terrible crimes.

I wonder, would these individuals be as keen to act if they didn't feel that their actions would be so widely publicized? Why is media coverage so slanted toward the unsavory? What if instead of violence we reported on kindness? On service instead of selfishness? On people making a difference or overcoming their challenges?

Think of the effects these publications could have. They could inspire others to act in a similar fashion. We could help our children understand that there is good in the world, even when evil seems to be surrounding us. I strongly urge the media to consider this concept the next time they are tapping their pencils and wondering where to focus their efforts.

Corinne Crockett