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Karl Malone lays the ball in during an NBA basketball game.

Since the Jazz moved to Utah in 1979, they have faced the Los Angeles Lakers 174 times.

Unsurprisingly the Lakers lead the regular season series, going 88 - 55 since the Jazz moved to Utah, but the Lakers are only 17 - 14 against the Jazz in six playoff series.

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During the 90s, the Lakers-Jazz rivalry was at its peak. The Showtime era of the Lakers was fading, and the Stockton-Malone led Jazz quickly replaced the Lakers as the Western Conference powerhouse.

Currently, the Jazz are battling with the Lakers for the eighth and final spot in the Western Conference playoffs.

The Jazz control their own destiny, holding the tie breaker over the Lakers, however Los Angeles, which entered the season with high expectations, is looking to prove itself and justify its $100 million payroll.

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