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Cars and garbage containers lay piled up after flash flooding caused damage overnight in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Tuesday, April 2, 2013. According to city officials, at least five people were killed during the heavy rains.

BUENOS AIRES, Argentina — Torrential rains in Argentina's capital triggered flooding responsible for at least five deaths on Tuesday.

A record 6.1 inches of rain fell in just two hours in Buenos Aires. That's equal to all of the normal rainfall for April. The storm caused power outages, flooded subway lines and turned the streets into rivers.

"This amount of water is extraordinary," said Daniel Russo, head of Buenos Aires' civil defense. "We have streets that normally flood, but there are some places where we never had recorded flooding before."

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The rain broke a record of 142 millimeters that fell over two hours on April 8, 1989, said the Buenos Aires Central Observatory, which tracks data since 1906.

Emergency officials asked people to stay at home after a subway worker died when he was electrocuted after stepping on wet railway lines and after three men and a woman drowned to death.

Service on a subway line has been interrupted, and trains on other lines are delayed. Officials are asking people to avoid driving to prevent accidents.

More storms are forecast today in Buenos Aires and heavy rains could continue until Friday.