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In this Thursday, April 29, 2010 file photo, a pair of coal trains idle on the tracks near Dry Fork Station, a coal-fired power plant being built by the Basin Electric Power Cooperative near Gillette, Wyo.

I share Tom Harris' sadness over the death of coal miner Elam Jones, but I am dismayed that he used Jones' death to advance his propaganda about the cause of climate change ("Coal is crucial," March 28). He asserted that carbon dioxide emissions from coal are not a major contributor to dangerous climate change. This statement could not be further from the truth.

Former college president and National Science Board member James Powell recently completed a study of peer-reviewed publications on global warming. He studied articles published from Jan. 1991 to Nov. 2012 and found that of 13,950 articles, only 24 rejected human-caused global warming. The major human contribution to global warming has been burning fossil fuels, especially coal.

Fortunately the majority of the American public is no longer buying the propaganda from the International Climate Coalition and similar groups. The latest poll from the Yale Project on Climate Change Communications revealed that 45 percent of Americans are concerned or alarmed about human-caused climate change, and another 25 percent recognized that climate change is occurring.

Before readers accept an assertion about climate change, they would do well to consider the source.

David Folland, M.D.