I was disappointed in reading Mike Johnson's letter ("Training already gone," March 21). Apparently he received training from a "gun crazy" not a "gun nut," and there is a difference. I have had a permit for more than 25 years and have attended classes taught by various law enforcement personnel and found the classes to be very professional and informative. Johnson paints all trainers with a broad stroke due to his one disappointing experience.

In my opinion he should have reported such training to the licensing board, not denigrate all other trainers. I would hope that the governor vetoes the "constitutional carry" bill, thus preserving the ability to carry in 37 other states with a legitimate concealed carry permit as the current law allows.

As to the training mentioned in Johnson's article, I agree that we do need more in-depth training and would suggest that the state go back several years to the time that in order to obtain a permit, you had to actually fire your weapon on a range in front of the trainer and achieve a minimum reasonable score to show that you did know how to handle and safely use a firearm.

Larry Jewkes

Cottonwood Heights