Associated Press

The Board of Directors for OUTreach Resource Center in Ogden respectfully submits a response to the recent news item that proclaimed 83 percent of BSA troop leaders in the Great Salt Lake Council support the ban on LGBT leaders and Scouts ("Most Utah Scouts oppose BSA gay policy change," March 25).

Although the headline was dramatic, the low 11 percent response rate on an internal poll for such a controversial issue tells any reasonable person that more data should have been obtained before releasing this information in order to get the true feelings from all the Scout leaders on this matter. At OUTreach, we work very hard to prevent bullying attitudes, such as the article implied, that lead to violence and tragic suicides among our youth. We believe teaching our kids should be about compassion, respecting differences and helping all kids to feel safe and loved in whatever activity they participate.

Jeffery Lensman, President of OUTreach Resource Center Board

South Ogden